Microsoft Gives Limited-Time Offer For Xbox LIVE Silver Members

Xbox LIVE Gold Deal

If you’re an Xbox LIVE Silver member, you might want to read this announcement.  Starting today, Microsoft is offering Xbox LIVE Silver members a month of Xbox LIVE Gold membership for $1.

The offer is only for a limited-time so if you ever wanted to jump on the Xbox LIVE Gold bandwagon, here’s your chance!  The $1 for a month of service is completely legit, although if you don’t plan on keeping the service, you may want to get on the phone with Xbox customer support to opt-out of the service.  If you don’t, Microsoft will take it upon themselves to assume you’re having way too much fun playing over Xbox LIVE, so they’ll save you the trouble and automatically charge you for the following month of service at their full $14.99 price point.

This is actually a killer deal, but don’t say I didn’t warn you when the following month comes around and you’re staring at a $14.99 on your credit card bill.  My advice would be to buy a full year of service since it comes out cheaper than a month-to-month basis.

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Readers Comments (4)

  1. I love how the information of it auto-renewing is so teeny tiny underneath it.

  2. $1 to much, it should be free to play online

  3. Never ever give Microsoft your crdit card # under any circumstances! They will not ever remove it from their system no matter what you do. You will have to cancel the card to get it away from them. Look up all the horror stories about it online!

  4. @Mark I totally agree about the credit card thing. Once they have it, it’s next to impossible to remove it from your account. I had a credit card removed from my account with MS once but it took me about 7 calls to their customer service to make it happen.

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