Microsoft Points Going Away for Cash?

amazon-buy-xbla, one of the leaders of online retailing, have announced their interest in XBox Live Arcade Games for Cash and NOT Microsoft Points (MP).  For those of you who hate figuring out the conversion of Microsoft Points to Cash, this may be your answer.  Right now you can purchase XBLA codes using cash or your preference for online purchasing (no matter how rare your signed Powerglove by Lucas is, it’s not considered for monetary value).  Once you receive the code via email, head on over to the Marketplace and redeem your code.  Or you can also send your code as a gift via email.

I’ve always been a fan of the PS Store.  They’re straight to the point.  You want Call of Duty World at War, it’ll cost ya $9.99.  Will we see the same for PlayStation 3 and the Wii?


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