Microsoft Releases New 360 Bundles

Gaming goodness by the ladle full!Microsoft has released two more bundles for the Xbox 360.  The first comes bundled with Forza 3 and Halo 3 ODST. Not a bad pair of games for someone who feels the seductive call of a 120 gigabyte hard drive or needs to replace a recently burnt out 360.  The other is the new Final Fantasy XIII SKU that just hit stores alongside Square-Enix’s behemoth RPG earlier this week.  The Forza 3/ODST pack represents the mid-range elite SKU and has a price-point of $299.99 USD.  The Final Fantasy XIII bundle resides closer to the Super-Elite package, coming with an extra controller and going for a pricier $399.99 USD.

Just a word to the wise from everyone here at  when buying a 360 ask for the list of different bundles they have in stock, unless of course you have an undying love for Kung-Fu Panda.


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