UPDATE: Modern Warfare 2 DLC Will be $15; Stimulus Package

MW2 Crash

UPDATE: Through a podcast over at Major Nelson’s, the price was confirmed at 1200 Microsoft Points or $15.  For that $15 players get five maps, three new ones and two remakes from COD4. The new maps are Bailout (overrun apartment complex, wide map), Salvage (snow-covered junkyard, it’s a smaller map), and Storm (raining, abandoned warehouses). The remakes are from Call of Duty 4: Crash (urban environment with crashed helicopter in the central square) and Overgrown (dry river running through a village).

Thanks to the folks over at Activision for helping the economy with the great news that will bring FREE MW2 multiplayer Maps this month.  Coming March 30th to Xbox LIVE, Infinity Ward and Activision present Modern Warfare 2: Stimulus Package.  This is the first DLC currently announced.  Amongst the rumored maps, Crash has been mentioned to be on the list of the Stimulus Package DLC.  Behind MW2’s Terminal, Crash may be the 2nd best map in the Modern Warfare series.  It was a great map for Team Deathmatches, Search and Destroy and Sabatoge.  Snipers can pick people off from atop the chain link roof tops or rifleman can battle it out near the Helicopter Crash site near the center.  And of course the broken down building where rocket launchers and grenades were constantly hitting.

Players on the PS3 will have to wait one full month due to negotiations with Microsoft and Activision that gave Xbox 360 players one exclusive month of the maps.  Sony PlayStaion owners will have to quietly sit back until April, when they’re scheduled Stimulus Package will arrive on the PSN.  Additionally, Xbox 360 Silver Live members will be able to try out Modern Warfare 2 through the “Multiplayer Unlock event” running from March 12-15.

Of course, since the PSN service is FREE $15 for all members, the Stimulus Package will not require any additional prerequisites.

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