MvC3: Player Conumdrum

Everyone buys video games for different reasons. Whether it’s their favorite comic book character, the developer behind the game, or the multi-player we all have our reasons for buying any particular game. The same holds true for Marvel vs. Capcom 3. While it would be a fun game to play with a friend or group of friends at your home or online, the concern comes from is it worth it for the single player aspect.

MvC3 like most fighting games, you do your best to get every character ending and learn the best combos for most characters. After playing MvC3 for the first time at a friends house, I admit I was hooked. Doing my best to find the right combo of characters, or just choosing random characters for fun. It was cool unlocking characters, videos, and other extras. But when I beat it for the time, I realized that you can only get character endings for the character that beats the main boss, Galactus. At first it didn’t stop me from playing, it just made me want to find the best strategy to get certain character’s ending. After a while of trying to get certain character endings, I just did not want to go through that whole process again. While it was fun, and a great game to play, the fact that I have to work extra harder for the character endings of each individual character doesn’t appeal to me. I find that playing with friends is the most appeal of that game. Everything is great about the game, the hype has definitely proven its worth. Just wish that you pick a team and you get their endings, instead of having to resort to lowering the difficulty setting.

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