4 responses to “NEW Call of Duty: Black Ops Multiplayer Trailer”

  1. erodz85

    I just wet my pants!

  2. xXI Jenkins IXx

    This looks amazing. Cant wait for this to release. I just wanna kno that during the little RC car clip(0:55-0:59), is that like a remote controlled missle flying through the air? You see it start from behind the car and turn left as the RC car breaks through the window, but it doesnt look like a pred or javiline. Overall i think this game is gunna blow MW2 out the water. Dont get me wrong, I love MW2 and play it 24/7, but we all kno that its broken (i.e. Glitches, hacking, unbalanced in certain areas, etc.). We all just need something that’ll take our mind off of it and fill our CoD cravings like the junkies we all are.

  3. xXI Jenkins IXx

    P.S. As for your question about the RC Car being a killstreak, at around 0:19 when he gets that kill it pops up as a 3 Kill Streak. So i quess thats confirmed.

  4. jomocpa

    The RC Car killstreak looks SICK!!!!! Also, did anyone get a glimpse of the surveillance camera! Wow man.

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