No New Xbox coming in 2010, Project Natal mentioned

Project Natal

In an interview at the Executive’s Club in Chicagon, Microsoft CEO Steven Ballmer indicated that a new Xbox console would be released in 2010, with built-in camera support.  But shortly after, Microsoft’s Director of Product Management for Xbox 360 and Xbox Live Aaron Greenberg told Kotaku “There will be no new console.”

Mr Aaron Greenberg continues to say “We’re not going to be launching a new console any time soon .  I really believe he was speaking about Project Natal.”  He confirms also by saying, “We want to make sure people know that we’re excited about Project Natal, but we’re barely halfway through this generation. We’re happy with the Xbox 360, so there are no changes from that standpoint. For the time being, we’re really just showing a whole new category of gaming.”

So, the CEO slips up and says a new Xbox will be released in 2010.  His lower ranked employee “covers it up” by saying “he probably meant Project Natal”.  something here ain’t right, and you can only believe this cover up as far as you can throw it. And becareful, don’t you have a bad hip?

Microsoft has made comments after E3 concerning rumors that were leaked out before the event.  While Sony should be most upset with news of the PSP Go info leaked, Microsoft getting a Metal Gear Solid game was their big news which was known before E3 2009.


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