Outrun Online Arcade makes Big Debut on XBLA

For fans of Sega’s 1986 racer game, Outrun is back!  Upgraded in HD quality, and a chance to play against online racer, OutRun Online Arcade looks magnificent and players will take notice.  Available now on the Xbox 360 for 800 Microsoft Points, why not make your PlayStation friends jealous.  That’s because in the US, OutRun is only available for the XBox Live Arcade.

Up to 6 online players can join you for this Arcade classic title, as you race through historic landmarks.  Voicechat is enabled and playing in 720p HD quality, completes this racing experience.  OutRun Online Arcade will also feature a leaderboard, so racing times WILL count!  Sunday Drivers need not apply.


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4 responses to “Outrun Online Arcade makes Big Debut on XBLA”

  1. Refugee says:

    Can I change the girl on the passenger side to brunette? Preferably asian thin hair? Im not into blondes, and you couldn’t customize the girl back in the 80’s.

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