Pepsi Drinks; Look under the cap, Rock Band DLC giveaways


For those of you who had the “Gotta Have It” cards back in 1992, Pepsi has brought that glorious summer feeling back.  Starting June 2nd, if you look under the cap of specially marked Pepsi products, you could win Rock Band 2 merchandise.

As part of the “Drink Up, Rock Out” promotion, fans who see a Rock Band icon on specially-marked packages of 20-ounce and 1-liter bottles of Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Pepsi Max and other Pepsi products are encouraged to look under the cap for a code and then go to to enter the code for a chance to win prizes. During the promotion, MTV and Pepsi will give away a Rock Band(R)2 Special Edition bundle every hour and thousands of Rock Band downloadable tracks each day. Additionally, fans can enter a weekly sweepstakes for opportunities to win a trip to a Harrah’s Entertainment property, Xbox 360 Consoles and other great prizes.

I’ll admit, I had a card.  While I tried collecting enough points to either get a Pepsi bag or some foam insulation drink holder I never cashed in.  That’s the problem with those “earn” gift promotions, very few customers follow through.  But with this promotion, you can instantly win a voucher for Rock Band 2 downloable content vouchers.  Or better yet,  an Xbox 360.  There’ll be far and few of those, and I’m sure none of the staffers here at will win that prize.  But hey, “Drink Out, Rock Up” err, “Drink Rock, Up Out” I think it’s “Drink Up, Rock Out” with your drink out!

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6 responses to “Pepsi Drinks; Look under the cap, Rock Band DLC giveaways”

  1. mzitt11 says:

    Sweet!! Now I have an excuse to drink Diet Pepsi again!!!

  2. babylinda says:

    I am a Coca-Cola girl, Why? Because I like controversy! Bru hahahaha

  3. Kezins says:

    just when I thought I had given up Pepsi, this happens.

  4. shannon says:

    cap coad prize

  5. i like pepsi a lot

  6. Teri Miller says:

    New to this..just trying. I like your drinks, can’t believe you brought a cherry soda back with no caffeine. Yay!! Not allowed caffeine. So happy!! LOL!!

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