Play As Your Xbox 360 Avatars In Guitar Hero 5

Guitar Hero 5 Avatars

Activision announced earlier this morning a little treat for Guitar Hero fans on the Xbox 360: The ability to import your Avatars to play within Guitar Hero 5.

For those of you who love to completely customize their Avatars, you’re in luck as Guitar Hero 5 will feature a full Create-a-Rocker mode where you can customize the instruments, clothing, and accessories for your avatar. The trailer that was released shows off the avatars in action.  It’s a little strange to see the lead singer moving his mouth in the traditional limitless Avatar way, but overall I think this experience is going to bring would-be rockstars even closer into the action when they see their Avatars on stage.

Be sure to mark your calendars on September 1st, as that is when Guitar Hero 5 is planning to be released.

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