Purchase ‘Mass Effect 2’ before you lose out! Free DLC if you do.

Mass Effect 2

I’ve been pondering the purchase of Mass Effect 2 for a couple of weeks now. After I played and completed Mass Effect 1 within 3 weeks, I thought “Great game. But I’m looking for a deal to come along”… until now. It seems EA is finally coming around to gamers who purchase titles “new” versus “used” by way of in-game incentives. For those who purchase a new copy Mass Effect 2 you’ll be greeted to know of some DLC and something called “The Cerberus Network,” an in-game portal that will funnel Mass Effect 2 daily messages, downloadable content and news about DLC to players.

But how?  Through digital or physical means.  A one-time DLC code will be packaged with the game to ensure the original purchaser of the Xbox 360 Mass Effect 2 get’s their perk.  This minor incentive is paving the way in “new” games sales and should keep those from purchasing the $5 off “used” title from GameStop.  A system I hope other publishers embrace.


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