Relive The Feel Of Classic Arcades When Microsoft’s ‘Xbox Game Room’ Releases in Spring ’10

Today marks the official first day of CES, but last night, Microsoft’s press conference took place and revealed an upcoming Xbox LIVE update that will bring a tear to most old-school gamers’ eyes.

Microsoft unveiled the ‘Xbox Game Room’ last night.  The purpose of the Game Room is to allow players to relive the glory days of when arcades were the only way to get a decent gaming experience.  The sights and sounds of an old-school arcade are said to be represented in the Game Room.  When Game Room launches, 30 original and console classics will be available such as Centipede and Asteroids, but Microsoft promises a total of 1000 titles will be available in three years.  Each arcade cabinet will retail for 240 to 400 Microsoft Points, with a single-play option costing 40 Microsoft Points (think of it as putting two quarters into an arcade machine to play.)

Players can also create their own virtual arcade space where they can arrange their arcade cabinets as well as decorating each room to have a specific theme.  You can also challenge friends whether they play on the Xbox 360 or PC.  Your friends can even visit your virtual arcade to demo some of the titles that you have available or simply to stand in awe of your awesome Game Room.

The ‘Xbox Game Room’ will support full 1080p, voice chat, as well as online and local multipler for up to two players.  The current release date for it is ‘Spring 2010’.

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  1. Josh60502 says:

    Looks better than Joy Ride

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