Review: Dead Rising 2: Case Zero

Dead Rising 2: Case Zero

Dead Rising 2: Case Zero is being classified as a demo for the upcoming sequel, Dead Rising 2, but I would have to disagree. While you do play as the new main character, Chuck Greene, the game is set at a different location and time zone than reported in DR2. To me, it’s more of a stand alone prologue game introducing Chuck’s story while getting players adjusted from the 4 year gap between Dead Rising 1 and 2.熊出没乐园

After a small introduction cut-scene, Chuck and his daughter Katey are stuck in the small town of Still Creek. From this point, Chuck has two main missions; first find Zombrex (anti zombie medication) for Katey and rebuild a motorcycle using parts found around the map to escape before military comes. Luckily the map isn’t big and all items are fairly easy to find without help. What does return though is the game’s timed system, which means you need to act fast to get all your accomplishments done before time’s up.

In addition to finding normal weapons along the way, Chuck can now combine some weapons causing greater damage and increased PP (the same experience system as DR1). Some of my unique favorites are the pitchfork and shotgun combo, the car battery and rake, and nails and baseball bat. There are more than that to make in this game and there is promise to be tons more in the retail version. These can be created a designated workbench areas marked on the map.

Some new changes to game system are the improved AI and the game saving device. First with the enemy AI, zombies will flock to you now opposed to a majority of them just standing around in the first Dead Rising. They seem to be slightly smarter….for zombies. As for the survivor AI, they are smarter as well. They follow and defend themselves better than before and don’t get stuck on stairs and objects. As for the save system, there were a total of 3 slots to save and save spots were closer to each other. And yes, you still save in the bathroom.

In conclusion, Dead Rising 2: Case Zero is a great little stand alone game prepping you for the highly anticipated sequel. All your levels (up to lvl 5), stats, and combo cards from weapons are said to transfer over to the full game. At a $5 cost, you truly cannot go wrong if you are a Dead Rising fan.


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