Rumor Mill: Elder Scrolls V going MMO?

Oblivion V

Many of us had the luxury of time this holiday weekend! Some of us went away and visited family, some of us stayed home and had family over. I dusted off my copy of Oblivion: Elder Scrolls IV and played for days on days.

What a fascinating game, First Person Shooters don’t have the breadth and depth of an ES4.  I woke up this morning thinking, yes Fallout 3 is out and its the next chapter in Bethesda’s library which has been highly acclaimed.

However, since I started playing role playing types with release of Dragon Warrior on the NES, I prefer the medieval genre with swords and spells and dungeons. Having played Dragon Warrior in in 1989 and playing that game for year and years, I felt the nostalgia playing a role playing game all weekend 20 years later!

Dragon Warrior

So, the question, will Bethesda release ES5? Initially, my research had me pretty excited, that ES5 would be released sometime next year! However that article was dated,  so I began to dig deeper and found some more recent news on the topic. Our friends over at published an article in August with breaking news from Bethesda about a possible ESV release. Bethesda’s Todd Howard denied the rumor but joked  about a possible ESV MMO release.

To whet our appetites a bit more, states:

A number of intriguingly named web domains use Zenimax’s nameserver as their host — domains such as,,, etc. This is so very far from a confirmation of the project — but definitely food for thought following Howard’s QuakeCon remarks.

Here is the full article:

Photoshop can work wonders!

This opens a new can of worms, the MMO debate. Our E I C, Juan Perez wrote an article about his thoughts on MMO. Many people shy away from MMO’s because of the associated monthly fee. They are usually complex and don’t have an intriguing storyline. We will have to wait and see, but for now, I will milk ESIV until the very end. Expansion packs, would be an ideal stocking stuffer!!

What are your thoughts on the Elder Scrolls series rumored to go MMO? In favor, opposed? Let your voices be heard now…

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