Rumor Mill: Elder Scrolls V going MMO?

Oblivion V

Many of us had the luxury of time this holiday weekend! Some of us went away and visited family, some of us stayed home and had family over. I dusted off my copy of Oblivion: Elder Scrolls IV and played for days on days.

What a fascinating game, First Person Shooters don’t have the breadth and depth of an ES4.  I woke up this morning thinking, yes Fallout 3 is out and its the next chapter in Bethesda’s library which has been highly acclaimed.

However, since I started playing role playing types with release of Dragon Warrior on the NES, I prefer the medieval genre with swords and spells and dungeons. Having played Dragon Warrior in in 1989 and playing that game for year and years, I felt the nostalgia playing a role playing game all weekend 20 years later!

Dragon Warrior

So, the question, will Bethesda release ES5? Initially, my research had me pretty excited, that ES5 would be released sometime next year! However that article was dated,  so I began to dig deeper and found some more recent news on the topic. Our friends over at published an article in August with breaking news from Bethesda about a possible ESV release. Bethesda’s Todd Howard denied the rumor but joked  about a possible ESV MMO release.

To whet our appetites a bit more, states:

A number of intriguingly named web domains use Zenimax’s nameserver as their host — domains such as,,, etc. This is so very far from a confirmation of the project — but definitely food for thought following Howard’s QuakeCon remarks.

Here is the full article:

Photoshop can work wonders!

This opens a new can of worms, the MMO debate. Our E I C, Juan Perez wrote an article about his thoughts on MMO. Many people shy away from MMO’s because of the associated monthly fee. They are usually complex and don’t have an intriguing storyline. We will have to wait and see, but for now, I will milk ESIV until the very end. Expansion packs, would be an ideal stocking stuffer!!

What are your thoughts on the Elder Scrolls series rumored to go MMO? In favor, opposed? Let your voices be heard now…

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Readers Comments (13)

  1. i would love to see it… everytime i play oblivion i keep thinking “man i wish my buddy could roam the countryside with me”

    i’d settle for a good co-op, even.

  2. Early on I too thought it would be fun to have my buddy join in. That being said I’m not sure that equates to MMO. There is a difference between MMO and up-to-four players. I know the latter would be awesome. I’m willing to see if an MMO would be as fun. Hope its some kind of multi-player. Bethesda creates great stuff, I hope it doesn’t wander to far away from its winning formula. Have my fingers crossed either way.

    I also prefer the swords theme better that the post-apoc setting, though F3 has been a lot of fun. ESIV continues to be my fav even today. Just running out of extended content to keep it going.

  3. i want to see morrowind game (which is awesome in corperated into oblivion gameplay. elderscrolls has a sick storyline and its great how the world is so open. in the next game there should be more clans more guilds and make the game massive than all previous games.

  4. I would definitely not be willing to pay for ESV MMO service, but if it’s free I’m buying it for sure. HOWEVER, BETHESDA NEEDS TO FIX THE COMBAT!
    We’re living in an era of assassin’s creed 2 and even fable 2; it’s ridiculous that such a great role playing game such as the elder scrolls series should have such a weak and unenjoyable combat system when it’s almost purely based on combat. I want to be able to feel that my sword has actually hit my target. I don’t want to see the enemy vaguely bouncing off of my sword as if I just patted them on the back instead of trying to kill them. FIX IT!

  5. I’d like to be able to have a choice whether or not to play in single player, and a better combat system

  6. I do hope it’s not going to be one of those games that you have to pay monthly to play. Really. I’d rather it just be a single player game, it might as well be World of Warcraft: Elder Scrolls Edition.

  7. FF3 on NES was my favorite. That aside, I think console MMO’s have done absolutely terribly on next gen systems. One need only look to “final fantasy 12”, and “Phantasy Star Online” for proof. The fact is people aren’t willing to pay for the game, the online service, AND a monthly fee to play the game. Its just not an economically friendly marketing device, particularly in this economy. Elder scrolls IV is an amazing game, but the “MMO” crossover would kill it. Die hards would buy it, but personally Id rather see the next installment mimic its predeccesor. On a side note, Id like to see more gore, a la “Fallout 3”. It was gritty and realistic, the way first person combat should be. Oblivion was rather muted as far as blood and gore. But kudos to Bethesda for creating such deep and incredible games nonetheless. All games should have over a hundred hours of gameplay! (just dont say that to a developer or they might have a stroke…).

  8. Leave it the way it is. PERIOD!

  9. Aion is too Korean in feel, far too stylised for my liking, WoW is just getting old, repetative and boring, AoC never quite got it right, Warhammer is just WoW with the same problems, come on let’s see ESV! MMORPG or Single Player I don’t care, just bring it on!

  10. I am a BIG fan of Morrowind and Oblivion. However I don’t think that going MMO is the right direction to take you you wish to give Oblivion a worthy sequel. I definitively would go for a massive single player game with a later to be available option for DLC which enables some sort of area or new map for MMO style gaming and see how that works out. Naturally the game engine would have to be flexible enough to support MMO style expansions as well as the single player story, but Bethesda are pros in that sort of foreseeing skill. It could start out as a super blockbuster single player game built on the strong reputation given by Oblivion and turn out to be an awesome MMO via the LIVE and PSN channels for DLC. I admire their work on Fallout 3 but, to this day, I don’t understand why they made the game without a real map instead of that green dots and lines offered by the pip boy.

  11. I have a friend that works for Bethesda and is currently working on ES5 – it is going to be an MMO. This is a certainty.

    I am very much not happy about it but just found this out recently. Been in development for awhile now and there is no doubt here.


  12. I hope that Bethesda would work more on the elders scrolls series instead of shooting games. Elders scrolls has that magnificent feeling that Fallout 3 doesn’t have
    (and I have played both so I know what I am talking about).
    The makers should concentrate more on the movement of NPC:s and not make it an MMO.
    The story is the best of all the stories that are to be found on the market and it would be totally ruined if it would be converted into a MMO. And I am certain that a Elders scrolls MMO wouldn’t make that much money (just because there are already too MMO’s and there wouldn’t be enough market for another one’s). I would like to say to Bethesda and all the other companies that work on the next Elders scrolls, you can still save the series by taking a new stand and make the most extreme single player roleplaying game that the world has ever known(but not a like Fallout 3). All the elders scrolls gamers are counting on you!

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