Sexy Plus Size Megatron Girl Is Back and Bigger and Better Than Ever!


Just when we thought we saw the last of Megatron Xbox 360 loving girl here she is in all her glory! She actually posted a comment on after she saw everyone commenting on her and I have to say I have mixed feelings.  I give her an A+ for her high self esteem and confidence but at the same time I do not agree with her parading her self in that fashion,so it is 50/50.

Aslong as she is happy and not hurting herself I say go for it girl! Like the longer hair too!  She goes by  Reenaye Star not sure if it is her actual name or an alias ane her is her message to the world! By the way Reenaye if you read this can we have a I love banner and picture?

Hey guys… I am the girl from the image…. No actually. If you don’t believe me, click my name to find out my response. As usually happens when my photos are leaked to any part of the internet not intended for fat admirers, there is a mixed response. People love me or hate me. Defend me or insult me, sometimes want to bone me. LOL. Listen I know that there are assholes. There have always been assholes. The point is. I don’t care. I have been following this thread from the beginning. All I can say is this. I am proud of myself, my body, my lifestyle. Nothing any anonymous a-hole says is going to hurt me, so keep the ridicule comin, bitches. And BTW thank you Bender for defending my honor. LOL. But really, I will not cry myself to sleep tonight. Lots of Love. Reenaye


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