Two Year Old Up for Sale On Xbox Live!


This past weekend Xbox Live user Christa Manos was subject to spammers who advertised her two year old baby girl up for sale on Xbox Live. To make matters worse the spammers even included Christa’s phone number , where then she received numerous amounts of calls from livid parents! That is just a horrible prank to play on someone. If you want to do it directly to the mother ok, but do not mix her baby daughter into it! Do you know how many low lives and predators are on Xbox who would jump on that offer?

I would be outraged if I saw my adorable little Guinea pig, Chewie, for sale on Xbox! So trust me I know how she feels and no this was no a ploy to show you my adorable guinea pig, well maybe a little!

Manos – from Punta Gorda , Florida- has “a good idea who is responsible”, though local authorities are still conducting an investigation. If caught, the  responsible parties could face criminal use of information charges.  Oh, and I better not see Chewie  on Xbox guys, this is a warning!


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