Valve Receives Community Backlash On Left 4 Dead 2


In case you missed it, last week during E3, Left 4 Dead 2 was announced.  Mostly everyone in the gaming community was excited about this news, particularly since more of a very good thing usually results in praise.  Not quite so with some die-hard fans of Valve games.

A Left 4 Dead 2 Boycott group came up almost immediately after the game was announced last week and is approx. over 20,000 members strong.  Their issue is according to a number of interviews and news straight from Valve, the company promised they would treat Left 4 Dead 2 similar to their other properties by supporting it post-launch with new content such as new weapons, campaigns, and infected.  It seems instead of doing that, Valve decided to box all of those updates into it’s own single product with Left 4 Dead 2.

The group actually makes a legitimate claim as the news of the Left 4 Dead sequel had many people scratching their heads as Valve isn’t known for churning out sequels almost a year after the original product launched.  I for one am looking forward to Left 4 Dead 2, although I hope the updates are well worth the $60 pricetag.

Check out some video evidence of Valve’s claim to further support Left 4 Dead after the break as well as some commentary from Hitler himself!

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2 responses to “Valve Receives Community Backlash On Left 4 Dead 2”

  1. Hyper says:

    The one group of people that seems to be missing in most of the comments on the boycott group site and the articles on the web are the server owners.

    As a server owner, I support L4D by paying for 4 West Coast servers out of my own pocket that have had in total roughly 17000 players since they were started 4 months ago. As well, I work for a server company that provides numerous servers for TF2, L4D, CS:S and other Valve games.

    One disturbing trend I have seen is the daily cancellation of L4D servers. Since the ‘Survival Pack’ the company I work for has seen a 70% increase in server cancellations of servers that service Central North America and the West Coast. That number increases daily.

    The biggest drop was right after the ‘Survival Pack’ when people began to realize how minor the changes actually were. Most people played Survival mode until they got the achievements and then moved back to Co-op or Versus. We lost 45% of the servers within days of that release.

    The second spike was right after the news about L4D2. That was about 20% of the servers. The other 5% has been just due to attrition since the DLC was released.

    Now, obviously there have been new servers started, but the total loss of server coverage totals about 70% in the company I work for, and I work for a shitty little hole in the wall no one even knows about. In actual numbers that means about 110 servers are now shut down in the past couple months with my employer alone. I wonder how this has affected Gameservers or Darkstar.

    I should mention that most of the people canceling servers have been very vocal about why they’re canceling them, and I agree with the majority of their reasons, especially about the release of L4D2.

    So, I pose this question to you, do you think splitting the games community base will increase or decrease the number of servers for both games?

    Secondly, do you think server owners that are canceling their servers will be rushing out to start a L4D2 server after they feel that they’ve been burned by Valve?

    The answers are pretty obvious.

    All you flame-baiters screaming about the boycott group being a bunch of whining retards might want to think about that, because without the server owners, you’d have no where to play either game.

    As for myself, I don’t have any choice but to ‘get’ the game since it’s purchased for me by my employer for troubleshooting and testing. However, I’ll be shutting down my servers the day L4D2 is released unless both games can be serviced by a single server and other significant issues about the release of L4D2 are satisfactorily dealt with by Valve.

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