Valve’s Left 4 Dead 2’s Box Art Censored By ESRB

Left 4 Dead 2 ESRB

Ah… the ESRB.  Thanks to their meddling, tweens around the world need to enter fake birthdays in order to access websites for games they’re going to beg their parents and / or cooler older brother to buy for them since there are a ton of awesome games that are rated M.  It looks like they found the original Left 4 Dead boxart a little too… illegal?

According to the L4D Blog, it seems the ESRB had a problem with the original box art.  The original concept was supposed to have the fingers look like they were bitten off, but for some strange reason, the ESRB cited that it was illegal to take pictures of people biting off their fingers. So, Valve did some photoshop trickery to give them the look they were aiming for while appeasing the ESRB gods.

As you see in the photo above, the hand’s third and fourth digit are bent in a way where they look like they were still lobbed off.  The thumb though still has a look where it was either bit off or ripped off and is now suffering some kind of infection.  Why the ESRB didn’t raise a flag on that is beyond me.

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