Video: Bungie Prepares Us For Halo: Reach With Birth of a Spartan Trailer

We’re less that a week away until the Halo: Reach beta is upon us, so what better way to get Halo fans hyped up even more than they already are than by releasing a live-action trailer, further promoting the Halo: Reach beta on May 3rd.

The live-action trailer Bungie has released is called “Birth of a Spartan” and it’s light on the action, but heavy on the symbolism.  For the first time, we get to see the process of a soldier becoming a Spartan soldier.  Who knew all we needed was a couple of syringes full of Berry Blue Kool-Aid injected in our temples and forearms?

Go ahead and check out the new, live-action trailer after the break.  I’ll be in the kitchen making myself some Kool-Aid.  Not sure how I’ll inject it though.  Maybe if I use a really sharp bendy-straw?  Ah, I’ll figure it out, watch the video already!

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