Video: Gifford Children’s Choir Sings Portal’s “Still Alive”; GLaDOS Sheds a Cyber Tear

Jonathan Coulton‘s “Still Alive” has been known for years now due to its debut as the song played during the ending credits in Portal.  There have been countless versions of the song popping up all over the internet, and this one is yet another that pays homage to the song.

The Gifford Children’s Choir from Racine, WA performed the song with plenty of flashing lights, harmonies, and even fitting the soloist with an el-wire dress.  If you’ve ever thought the song would sound better if it were forced out of the mouths of grade school children as they stand their confused as to why their geek choir teacher selected this song for them, then this video is right up your alley.


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Readers Comments (2)

  1. The school’s in Wisconsin. Not Washington.

  2. If you wouldn’t mind fixing a typo, I think the children, parents, and faculty of Gifford would appreciate you changing WA to WI since this occurred in Wisconsin and not Washington. Thanks.

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