Video: Lost Planet 2 Brings Gears of War’s Marcus & Dom Into The Fun

A couple of days ago, Cliff Bleszinski teased from his Twitter account that there was going to be “Kick ass news very soon”.  The news wasn’t an announcement for a new Gears of War title, instead, it was news that Marcus and Dom from the Gears franchise would be making a cameo in the Xbox 360 version of Capcom’s upcoming Lost Planet 2.

Not much is known right now in regards to if they’ll play a pivotal role in Lost Planet 2, or if they’ll just be characters players can choose to bring along for some bug squashing fun.  Regardless how they’ll interact with the Lost Planet 2 story, I think it’s easy to say with Marcus & Dom’s previous experience fighting grubs, they’ll do just fine with what Lost Planet 2 has to throw at them.

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