Xbox 360 Slim: Red Dot of Death?

When the new Xbox 360 came out, people assumed that it was the end of RROD (Red Ring of Death) which might be true because the new units may have RDOD (Red Dot of Death).  It looks like reports of the new system failing have already started to appear.  It’s too early to consider this a serious problem, but with Microsoft’s past, it’s certainly cause for alarm.  Gamer Syndrome broke the story and we’ll be keeping our eyes out for more.  If the RDOD becomes a widespread issue, I will officially lose all respect I had for Microsoft.  I currently suffer from PTRRODS (Post-Traumatic Red Ring of Death Syndrome) and am not joking.  Anytime an electronic device makes the slightest strange noise, I instantly relive the moments when all of my Xbox 360s died.  For now, we’ll still consider the RDOD as a “rumor”, but evidence of a problem is starting to stack up…

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10 responses to “Xbox 360 Slim: Red Dot of Death?”

  1. erodz85 says:

    This makes me happy… Good job, Bill Gates!!! You douche!

  2. xXI Jenkins IXx says:

    @erodz85 Nice try…but as posted it is a rumor so you can keep you fanboy flame war to yourself and shove it :]

  3. darcy kampe says:

    how come he doesn’t show turning it back on after it’s cooled?

  4. BMW guy says:

    Inside every cynical person, there is a disappointed idealist

  5. Nick 1197 says:

    Actually the red dot is a warning of overheating. I think there still may be the red ring.

  6. xXI Jenkins IXx says:

    It’s Red Ring proof because Microsoft took the red LED lights out of the console ring…only the center has a red LED

  7. iknow says:

    it’s easy to fix just take out the harddrive and shake it a bit and then but it back and it works so everyone who are looking for a solution because it worked for me

  8. homely gurl says:

    Hi only bought 360 at christmas the new slim and seen the ring of death already.should i take it back dont no much about xboxs ppl are saying its on its way fuming my sons never had problems with his ps3.

  9. Kezins says:

    Depending on where you bought it, you’ll probably have to send it in to Microsoft to get fixed. The phone number is (800) 4MY-XBOX. As long as you still have the receipt and it was just purchased in December, it will still be under warranty and the repair will be free. I’m currently on my 4th Xbox 360 🙁

  10. Kezins says:

    I’ve also never had a single problem with my PS3. Microsoft doesn’t know how to make quality hardware.

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