Xbox Live Is Intolerant To Homosexuals!

Wow, first of all Xbox Live banned the user name XBendoverX from the account of someone close to me . To me that name was just a silly name and really was not all that offensive but after hearing this story I see why Xbox would ban that name. A lesbian woman was banned recently from Xbox Live because she has stated on her profile that she was a lesbian. Here is her story!

My account was suspended because I had said in my profile that I was a lesbian. I was harassed by several players, ‘chased’ to different maps/games to get away from their harassment. They followed me into the games and told all the other players to turn me in because they didn’t want to see that crap or their kids to see that crap.

As if xbox live is really appropriate for kids anyways! My account was suspended and xbox live did nothing to solve this, but instead said others found it offensive.

Per Xbox Live’s don’t tell policy:

In regards to sexual orientation, for gamertags or profiles we do not allow expression of any type of orientation, be that hetero or other. Players can, however, self identify in voice communication where context is more easily explained to all players involved.

Honestly though, do you not think that the kids that play the games are already familiar with homosexuals and their orientations? I mean seriously, there is a story about a 13 year old boy that is  a father already and plays Xbox 360 among other systems.

People need to be a lot more open minded, I mean we have an African American president in office, enough with the nonsense. What happened to freedom of expression and  individuality? I am tired of all the negativity in this world regardless of what religion you are , sexual orientation, or race if you are not hurting anyone and happy the way you are be whoever you want to be the hell and the hell with whatever anyone else thinks and others should not judge you for doing so. There is so much hatred and dishonesty in the world today , you would think that we are an advanced enough society this day in age that things like this would not occur. I guess I was wrong!


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