Xbox LIVE: Most Played Games of 2010

If you were wondering what games were played the most in 2010, there’s no more need to wonder.  The official list is now out and there are few surprises in it. I expected Black Ops and Reach to be at the top and they were.  The following list is based on how much the games were played during the first seven days of launch:

1    Call of Duty: Black Ops
2    Halo: Reach
3    Red Dead Redemption
4    Fable III
5    Battlefield: Bad Co. 2
6    Medal of Honor
7    Mass Effect 2
8    FIFA Soccer 11
9    Fallout: New Vegas
10  BioShock 2
11  Madden NFL 11
12  Splinter Cell Conviction
13  Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood
14  Dead Rising 2
15  Kinect Adventures!
16  NBA 2K11
17  Crackdown 2
18  Aliens vs Predator
19  Mafia II
20  Army of TWO: TFD

Source: gamrFeed

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