Free Xbox Live This Weekend, May 1 – May 4th

free Free Xbox Live This Weekend, May 1   May 4th

For those of you with Silver XBox Live accounts, here’s a special treat at what it feels like to fully experience the NEW XBox Experience.  Beginning Friday, May 1st through Monday May 4th every account on XBox will be upgraded to a Gold account FREE.

Made available through its returning ‘Xtival’ special event, Redmond-based Microsoft will take away the pay-to-play restriction tied into Xbox Live Gold account memberships between May 1 and May 4, subsequently granting anyone with an Xbox 360 access to the full and complete service.

Why people still pay for this service, still amazes me.  With the already FREE online available for the PlayStation Network and Wii (ok, Wii stinks) one can only wonder.  Enjoy the free weekend, listen to the Ape.

pixel Free Xbox Live This Weekend, May 1   May 4th


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  1. Jenny

    Yayy! Halo 3 all weekend again ftw! I love the monkey pic! hahaha

  2. mperez19

    His nose looks like a heart.

  3. mrjuandrful

    Or Mickey Mouse

  4. babylinda

    Heart nose or not, he is one ugly mo fo!

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