Review: Costume Quest

Costume Quest

Costume Quest is a simple Halloween themed RPG from Double Fine, the creators of the recent Brutal Legend game. The concept is quite clever having players collect costumes unlocking new powers and the ability to change anytime between battles. The story, while straight forward, is pretty decent and the dialogue can be humorous at times. Much like the game title, the real quest is in the costumes.

The set up is simple; you start by choosing one of the brother or sister siblings and quickly find out that monsters are invading to take candy back to their world. The one sibling you didn’t choose becomes mistaken for candy and is kidnapped. See where this is all going? If you guessed, “Rescue my brother/sister, stop the monsters, and get back all the candy”, you’d be dead on. Once again, the dialogue has a few laughs and often recites scenes from movies which prove that RPG’s can be funny aside from Penny Arcade.

Aside from collecting candy, which is the game’s currency, you’ll really be hunting for costumes. Every time you enter a battle you’ll “morph” into an oversized and powerful version of your costume. For example, the first costume I obtained was the robot which changed into a version that was tall enough to fight Godzilla. Soon enough you’ll unlock more and more costumes each with their own power abilities and strengths. To add, each character on your team (3 total) can equip one battle stamp which is a bonus perk. Extra hit points, stronger attack power, and stun abilities are some the many that are available.

The game is fairly easy as there isn’t much of a learning curve aside to time your attacks and blocks. As long as you can do this with a good team set up, there should not any trouble winning every fight. My set up was main character as robot and/or ninja with counterattack stamp, 2nd guy was knight then spaceman with laser sword with attack bonus stamp, and the final was the statue of liberty for healing with a stun attack stamp. I had no trouble with battles or any of the few bosses. Regardless of your own set up, you’ll most likely have no trouble with fights. The plus side though is even if you are defeated you’ll start just a few steps from your previous spot giving you time to choose a different costume or battle stamp.

Costume Quest was a lot of fun in all honesty and it’s the first game to pull me away from Halo: Reach, ironically enough. My only complaints about the game are the save system, the replayability, and the length for price. The game has an auto save feature but only saves after completing a quest giving you no choose but to finish a quest or lose some data. The replayability isn’t high and not quite sure how many times I’ll want to go back and play this, although it was enjoyable. And finally the cost is listed at $15 currently and I was able to breeze through it in two short sittings.zorb ball for sale in canada

I do recommend this game but if you want to wait on a price drop, I don’t blame you. I did like this game though and seriously hope a sequel comes out next year with more depth and replayability. And more kick ass costumes!


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