Review: Torchlight (XBLA)


Torchlight is an over the head action RPG created by Runic that combines Diablo with World of Warcraft. The game has you defending the town of Torchlight from monsters in randomly generated dungeons, fighting an assortment of bosses, completing quests for the townsfolk, and collecting tons and tons of weapons/equipment for your character. Runic, which actually consists of developers from the Diablo series, does a good job porting this PC title over to the XLBA and making it controller friendly.

The game starts off simply by choosing one of three pre-made characters, setting up your skill points, picking a pet companion, then heading off into the mines for some dungeon crawling, and loot collecting. Weapons and equipment are based off of your skill points so if that new sword requires strength of 15 and you’re at 12, you’ll need to wait until a level up. Speaking of weapons, there are a variety of choices so you can play however you want by using 1-handed swords/axes, 2-handed spears, guns, staves, shields, maces, and so on. Personally I set up a warrior with dual wielding weapons which I found to be faster in slaying than using a 2-handed weapon or adding a shield. Loot is dropped at random and all loot is random when it drops so that awesome sword you found will not be there when you start a new game. It sure is great to find that new piece to upgrade though.

As mentioned earlier all dungeons, much like loot, are random so it’s pretty rare that you’ll play through the same areas again. There are over 30+ levels to explore during the main storyline plus the ability to continue on after you’ve finished and complete more quests. There’s also an option to “Rebirth” or “Prestige” yourself once the main story is over which allows you to keep one item of your choice. The quests from the townsfolk are pretty simple in which you either defeat “named” enemies or find certain items. Speaking of “named” enemies, if you ever played a MMORPG you’ll understand, they are bigger and stronger versions of normal enemies that have a specific name instead of “Skeleton Warrior”. There are usually a few “named” enemies per dungeon level and each one has a better chance to drop better loot than normal enemies. Your best bet is to explore every inch of the maps.

To be honest, I had no intention of purchasing Torchlight when it launched but was slightly intrigued to play it. After enjoying the demo I became hooked and highly recommend this game. There are only a few flaws I found throughout my playthrough but they can be overlooked. First there is no co-op which would have been awesome to join some friends but that’s something the sequel will fix. Second the frame rate does slow down a bit when there’s an overload of enemies and spells/effects on the screen. If you enjoyed Diablo or any type of dungeon crawler game, you’ll find this game right up your alley.



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