Zoey Shows Us The Goods In Left 4 Dead Mod

zoey nude

In Left 4 Dead, you fight wave after wave of infected in order to survive to live to tell the tale.  Thanks to a recently released “nude mod” that was created specifically for Zoey, the fight is to get that hot little piece of A safe and sound.

You read right folks.  A nude mod was created for Zoey by Zaigo from L4DMods. If anything, I’m surprised there wasn’t a mod created a week after Left 4 Dead’s release.  I guess Zaigo put that much extra love and care into this particular mod.  For all of you people who might think poor ole Zoey might catch something else running around naked, no worries.  She still has a bit of clothing on which will be essential to the war effort.

Pics & a video of this mod in action after the break (it should go without saying this is NSFW)

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  1. Dude, I’ve seen this, but a whole lot worse is on some site I found called Left 4 Nude (http://www.left4nude.com). Pics and screenshots of Zoey and the Witch, Survivors doing infected, mass hysteria! Some people are sick. Makes me worry what will happen when Left 4 Dead 2 comes out and the Jockey is in the public consciousness.

  2. really people? its zoey for petes sake. If you want porn just type pon in google and your off to the races

  3. Why would I want to look up pics of passive optical network?

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