Best Buy calling MGS4 fans Idiots!

Every hardcore gamer know to be the best you have to ask your mom to drive you to BestBuy at 11:00PM before the release of Metal Gear Solid 4. But being labeled an Idiot buy BestBuy is where I draw the line. I happened to look onto Best Buy’s website and noticed that they made an effort to correct us by insinuating we’re idiots.

Here’s what they said Just so there’s no confusion, you’ll want to show up on Wednesday night, June 11, and wait for the clock to strike 12 midnight — Thursday, June 12.”

I’m so irate over this that I will give Best Buy a piece of my mind. Only after I pick up my copy of Metal Gear Solid 4 of course. See you loser’s in line at the Best Buy in Secaucus, NJ. I’ll be there tonight, promptly at 11PM!

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4 responses to “Best Buy calling MGS4 fans Idiots!”

  1. MCH says:

    you are an idiot

  2. No, this submission is the only thing that’s idiotic.

  3. Will Snizek says:

    people get real defensive when it comes to Best Buy.. i don’t see why though. I remember when they raised the prices of 360 accessories to above MSRP right before Halo 3 was released to try and cash in on the event, so they are often not the actual best buy.

  4. smarterthanu says:

    “But being labeled an Idiot “buy” BestBuy …

    I’d say they have “ewe” pegged.

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