Bluetooth device could warn doctors of Heart Attacks

With all the latest developments in a technology world, those “I’ve fallen, and I can’t get up” infomercials are yesteryears news. Bluetooth has now moved into the medical field. Just like a laptop within a wireless signal, your “in-body network” would immediately send an alert when a heart attack is happening.

“The communications regulator said that sensors could be implanted into people at risk of heart attack or diabetic collapse that would allow doctors to monitor them remotely.

If the “in-body network” recorded that the person had suddenly collapsed, it would send an alert, via a nearby base station at their home, to a surgery or hospital.

However, Ofcom also gave warning in its report, Tomorrow’s Wireless World, that the impact of such technology on personal privacy would require more debate.

The technology, which is being tested now in Portsmouth, could also be used if a patient failed to take his or her medicines. A pill dispenser would send an automatic reminder and, if the pills were not taken within a certain time, an alarm would sound and a message would be sent to the patient’s family or carers.

However, health experts say that they are skeptical about the level of take-up of “in-body” sensors while research into the possible radiation impact of wi-fi networks is going on.”

“Be sure to stay in range when your having the “Big One” Pops!”

This topic brings up a huge debate. On the one side, you’ll have a great healthcare system that monitors you and can assist those patients in need. On the other side, you’ll have Big Brother telling you when to take your horse pills and don’t sit on the toilet bowl for long periods of time because your hemorrhoids might pop out.

I now ask you, the viewer, what is your take?
A. Let the Gob’ment and Doctor’s monitor..
B. I don’t need no stinkin pills

Via Times Online

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    You don’t know how hard I laughed seeing the Blue Tooth

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    Man, when I saw that pic I knew that had to be on our site.

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