‘Call of Duty: World at War’ Influenced Road Sign – Nazi Zombies


Seems like being a hacker and a Call of Duty “Nazi Zombies” fan goes hand and hand.  Speculation is a “genius” from the University of Texas managed to hack into this road sign and override the sign’s messages with 5 of his own, including “Run for Cold Climates”.

Jones, who has one of only two keys to the locked access panels on the portable signs, said that the hacker broke into the panels on each sign and bypassed the passwords before leaving five different zombie messages and even changing one of the passwords. Jones said he had to wait until 8 a.m. to call the manufacturing company to figure out how to override the hacker’s work.


Overly used exclamation marks were not harmed in this depiction

Via Gizmodo

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Readers Comments (6)

  1. now that is what hacking is meant for, not cheating at a game

  2. That’s really awesome, I hope they keep doing this. I’d like to see them outwit the police as sign after sign becomes altered. It’d be even funnier if they made a name for themselve(s), or a symbol, or something.

  3. Hilarious! Now if only they could have subbed one of the exclamation points for a “1”.

  4. @ The Dude, yeah they’re called “All your base are belong to us”

  5. ^ that’s what I’d like to see next ! LOL

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