DC Direct: Green Lantern Movie statues

With every movie release, there is a lot of promotional material that comes along with it. Whether its a video game or comic book mini-series(online or off), Hollywood will put something out there to draw in more fans. With the anticipated 2011 release of DC’s Green Lantern movie, this also holds true. Obviously because it is a comic book movie, a comic book based on the movie and a video game are sure to follow. But I think the best promotional item for this movie will the the DC Direct busts that will be released June 8th, a week before the actual movie releases in theaters. The amazing detail of these busts are a DC Direct signature, along with the stunning capture of each individual character’s personality. Each bust standing at least 6″ tall and 4″ deep.  While the movie may have mixed reviews, I’m sure the majority of fans will find these busts to their liking.

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