DJ Hero Mixer, DJ AM Dead at 36


For those who aren’t hip, (myself included) DJ AM a popular Disc Jockey has passed away at the age of 36 in his NYC apartment. While current speculation is that DJ AM was found with prescription drugs and a crack pipe near his body, this may be a result of his “devastating” break up with recent girlfriend, Hayley Wood.

DJ AM will have featured mixes throughout the DJ Hero soundtrack including: “Poison” and “Last Night a DJ saved my life”. DJ AM will also be a playable character in DJ Hero.  DJ Hero is an upcoming Activision game set for release on October 27th.

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One response to “DJ Hero Mixer, DJ AM Dead at 36”

  1. Kezins says:

    pain pills and crack will do it to you every time. It’s sad that he survived such a horrible accident just to die like this…

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