Dragon Age: Origins | Best RPG game of all time?

This past Christmas, my brothers really gave me presents that keep on giving! My youngest brother Daniel gave me two games, Dragon Age: Origins and Fallout 3. I was pleasantly surprised when I first started to play Dragon Age, it had most of the bells and whistles that Oblivion (my favorite game at the time) plus a rich and deep storyline. Well I am proud to report 6 months and almost 100 hours later, that the game is Biowares, Masterpiece!

What a life altering experience Dragon Age was for me. I thought Oblivion was a good game up to this point, but I have to say dragon age took it to another level.

“Dragon Age brilliantly combines the genre’s old-school conventions with a few modern twists to create one of the most addictive and expansive RPGs of its kind.”

Besides the deep  gameplay, the game featured a truly realistic experience. Especially after I received my new 42″ Flat Screen TV! The game has six distinct openings which vary depending on the character the you select. It also features many tactical and strategic moves that you can use in battle.  Do you want your party to hold their position? Or conduct a massive onslaught of an attack? Do you want to control the main character? Or do you need to switch to a mage and turn into a bear to attack the enemy? All of these and many many more decisions are at your fingertips.

Surprisingly enough, the dialogue was very rich and one gets immersed in the storyline. There are political, economical and spiritual elements to endure. One example is the emancipation of the elves from slavery.  You can feel the tension from the dialogue with the elves as they remain secluded living deep in the Forrest.

You are immersed with a rich and deep experience the likes you have never experienced before!  While on your journey, your characters even speak to each other while you are on your mission.  This really makes you feel that the characters are real and not just a couple of drones following you around.

Speaking of characters, you really have to work as a team. You recruit characters along the way with various skills that make your team stronger and diverse. This allows for some a real custom gaming experience since you must choose four out of the many available characters that you recruit every time you stay at a camp or royal quarters.

Overall, I am thoroughly impressed with Bioware’s latest effort in the RPG market with Dragon Age: Origins. The replay value is so high with a game so deep and rich such as D A O, that I just might play it again. That will not be easy since now I am have Fallout 3 in the XboX 360. Not to mention Oblivion V is also rumored to be heading our way in 2011. That is one thing about RPG’s, you can plan your gaming choices  for the next few years with all of the deep RPG games that are out there!

It is impossible to list all of the great moments and attributes of D O: A, in just one short article. If you haven’t considered giving Dragon Age and try and your an RPG fan, I say pick up a used copy and give it a shot. You will absolutely love this game!

What are your thoughts? Is this the best RPG game of all time? We welcome your thoughts.

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13 responses to “Dragon Age: Origins | Best RPG game of all time?”

  1. Kezins says:

    “Best RPG” is a tough one with all the factors involved in such a decision. I’d personally say Oblivion was the best of all time just considering how many fun hours I was able to put into it. I beat the game several times on each console and then enjoyed all the various mods on the PC version.

    I really enjoyed Dragon Age, but the fun ended for me after the first playthrough was over. I’d still call it a really awesome game though and probably the best RPG since Oblivion.

  2. Kezins says:

    I think we’ll have to wait a few years to see how the game goes down in history too. For the longest time, I loved Final Fantasy VII, but it really aged poorly. I think Oblivion will still be a great game to play 10 years from now. Dragon Age might be pretty good 10 years from now too considering how unique the experience was.

  3. michael says:

    It is a great game, but i do not think it is the best rpg of all time or even Biowares best game, Knights of the old Republic 1 and Mass Effect 2 i thought were better rpg games, and they both came from Bioware.

  4. Exanda says:

    For me, it wasn’t a satisfying game when all said and done. It was by all means a good game and very well made but it was, for me, a by-the-numbers fantasy that lacked the inspiration and spirit of other Bioware games. Bioware created a vast world but, again, for me it was a disappointingly bland one; standard fantasy tropes with few ideas behind them. The exception would be the plight of the city elves, but the decision to use american accents on both the elves and the dwarves seemed a bit like sacrilege to me. A bit too far? Yes, but I can honestly say I just turned off the console a couple of times without saving due to irritation at the accents – don’t get me started on Ohgren. The darkspawn were also a dull antagonist; they don’t speak, their motivations straightforward, they’re all brown and grey hues. Awakening – the expansion pack (which was a good purchase and more satisfying hour for hour than the base game, except its a third of the length) – fixes that problem.

    So no, I’m going to have to disagree with you there about it being the best RPG, because in my opinion the game just doesn’t offer the immersion, the memorable characters and the innovation of something like Mass Effect (let alone the sequel, which could snab this title). It’s still a great game – just a hollow one – and everything points to the sequel being a total knockout if they learn from the problems the first suffered from.

  5. darthmazza says:

    I agree with Exanda. While the game is good, it just didn’t hold the appeal to me like Oblivion or Knights of the Old Republic as far as Bioware games go. I’m still playing through the game but can only tolerate so much until I get bored with it. So best RPG of all time, no. Hell, probably wouldn’t make my top 5.

  6. Kezins says:

    I can’t believe I didn’t mention Knights of the Old Republic lol. I actually replayed it a couple months ago and it still felt like a great game. Mass Effect was awesome, but I don’t really consider it an RPG. Much like Fallout 3, it’s more of an adventure/fps game than anything else. I never played Mass Effect 2, but it’s definitely on my list of things to do.

  7. refugee says:

    Great to see so much dialogue with regards to the article! Its interesting, while scouring the web for information, I noticed a similar discourse with some of the reviews that I read. Most praised the epic title, other dismissed it as a very poor effort. I obviously lean toward the former… Could the answer be as simple as just, people have different tastes and expectations? @Kezins mentioned a great point, many of the comments compare D A:O to Mass effect and Fallout 3. As @Kezins mentions, they are more adventure/fps games rather than pure RPG. I started playing Dragon Warrior in 1989 on the NES, then graduated to Final Fantasy and onward… I guess the RPG purists might appreciate D A:O more than an FPS person. I honestly, detest FPS and think they are not fun at all. Not even remotely fun..nada, zippo, zero! Why? BC I am an RPG purist, who enjoys deep, rich RPG games.
    I just started to play Fallout 3 and noticed that there is an FPS component to the game which is giving me nausea and making me look at a second run of D A:O instead..

  8. Kezins says:

    I tend to like JRPGs a little more than western RPGs, but I find myself playing both equally. The problem and bonus with western RPGs is that you never know what to expect from gameplay. Dragon Age was a little confusing for me in the beginning, but became 2nd nature after a couple hours. I really do hope they make a sequel. I think the game came really close to what I wanted, but was missing a few things that I can’t really put my finger on.

  9. Exanda says:

    Seems a little unfair to dismiss Mass Effect as an adventure/fps game (it is more appropriate for Fallout 3). For me, RPGs have always been about story and engagement with that story and the characters within that story, not an endless swath of lists and spells. Bioware turned a time sink (because let’s face it, you don’t REALLY need to collect 100 Christmas baubles to relight the Christmas Tree) into a character-driven science fiction epic. And real science fiction too, about ideas and politics and so forth, not Star Wars 2.0.

    Thing is, Dragon Age didn’t have enough there for me (thin story, forgettable characters (with exceptions), generic clichés) not to notice it didn’t have any of Mass Effect’s innovations. I like the idea of an old school RPG remade with a modern (I say modern, actually circa 2005) engine, but for a long, long game, it was insubstantial and unsatisfying. Ending the game with a written epilogue simply accentuated that. This all said, give me Dragon Age 8/10 over other RPGs (both Western and JRPG).

  10. Grace says:

    Agreed on Mass Effect. Role-playing games are about–surprise–character and story, and filling out your protagonist’s place within that story and world. Immersion, dialogue, customization–these are the hallmarks of a good RPG. Who says a deep, rich RPG can’t use fast-paced shooter action? Who says it has to have a incomprehensibly complex battle system (glaring at you, Final Fantasy franchises)?

    As for Dragon Age, I thought it was a fantastic game. Sure it had plenty of cliches, but what game doesn’t? And seeing as I was still playing it after over 40 hours DESPITE my complaints, it held my attention pretty damn well 🙂 Greatest RPG of all time? Eh…not for me. I love WRPGs–not so keen on JRPGs–but I tend to give even games that I love one exhaustive playthrough, and that’s it. The only exception was the Baldur’s Gate series, which I played through three times, back to back, in their entirety from BG1 all the way through Throne of Bhaal. Hard to top that.

  11. Ben says:

    If Fallout 3 made you nauseous id try some dramanine, and if that doesn’t work ask your doctor for some promethazine for nausea. Both are pretty darn safe and its worth it to play that game. I loved DA:O but would have a hard time choosing between the two if forced. They were both that good.

  12. Alex says:

    I’ve started playing RPG’s with the original Dragon Warrior for the NES in the 80’s. I’ve played mostly Squaresoft games after that, but picked up games from other companies here and there. I was completely blown away by Dragon Age.

    The Final Fantasy series just lost it’s charm after VII; I miss Sword & Sorcery. Today it’s about technology and trying to be modern, and I have a hard time really caring about characters in the newer games. Some of the concepts for characters are rediculous (um, Wakka, anyone?)

    I stopped playing RPGs for a few years in favor of MMOs, but they were too time consuming so I returned to RPG’s with Dragon Age. I was blown away. I’ve never cared what happened more to the characters than I did with this game. I think it is because dragon age really puts you into the story. I’m not just watching a story that’s already pre-determined, what I choose to do has some level of consequence, and therefore adds to my responsibility.

    So, right now, DA:O is my favorite RPG of all time.

  13. Nobunage says:

    Yup Dragon was a nice game, and the 2 will be even better

    BUT !!!! 🙂

    Mass effect 1 and 2 Rock so much more !!!! and the 3 is coming in 2011 so 😉

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