Duck Hunt: The Most Horrific Meal On The Planet!!!

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“Well, we did it.  Jennifer (babylinda) and I, have kept our promise and we were able to milk this “Friday the 13th” {Theme Day} post to the verge of no return.  I hope you enjoyed our FT13 {Theme Day} and for checking out  Oh yeah we’re a Video Game Blog!” – mrjuandrful

Coming to us all the way from the Phillipines, is the most horrific edible food on the planet.  It’s called Balut, and the picture below should gross you out enough to NEVER want to eat eggs again!


What’s it called: Balut

Where can you get it: Philippines

What is it: Balut are duck eggs that have been incubated until the fetus is all feathery and beaky, and then boiled alive. The bones give the eggs a uniquely crunchy texture.  They are enjoyed in Cambodia, Philippines.  They are typically sold by street vendors at night, out of buckets of warm sand.


You found one Balut Producing Duck!


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4 responses to “Duck Hunt: The Most Horrific Meal On The Planet!!!”

  1. babylinda says:

    Oh , Jesus Christ. I think I saw this on a tv show once they eat some crazy things in other countries. peru even eats poor wittle guinea pigs!

    Poor chewie!

  2. Carlos Macias says:

    Thought it was tasty ice cream…

    then read the description and threw
    up! 🙁

  3. mrjuandrful says:

    I was ok until I read it’s sold in warm sand. And then I thought “Oh, how else, it’s got to be WARM sand, room temperature would would ruin the crunchiness.”

  4. carabao says:

    These things are delicious!

    If you can get past the look (and no, I don’t think they’re THAT ugly in personal), they actually taste good.

    Also, vendors here in our area don’t keep them in buckets of warm sand…Maybe it’s a bucket of warm/hot water since the balut they sell are very hot and may sometimes scorch the skin.

    Or maybe, the reason why I’m not disgusted by balut is because I’m from the Philippines 🙂

    PS. We also eat frogs, rats, kamaru (insect like thingies, I don’t know, I haven’t eaten one but I’ve seen someone eat it)

    Here’s what a kamaru looks like

    Also, some crazies even eat live ants and insects.

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