Erick Scarecrow’s Medusa “Black Mamba” Venomous Review


Lucky us Erick Scarecrow has recently put his Medusa “Black Mamba” colorway back on sale. Lucky me, received a review copy to share with all of you. The 10″ vinyl figure has several points of articulation and is one bad ass , shut your mouth of a figure . First let’s focus on her beautiful white pale skin. Those who know anything about the Asian culture know that the paler the skin one has the more beautiful they are perceived in that culture. She has a gorgeous set of peepers with a small mole on her right cheek.

Medusa’s hair is red and black, braided with hissing snakes popping out at the ends of it. Quite a hairdo if I say so myself. She also has a long Black Mamba snake wrapped around her person with the head of it laying on her right hand. Then wrapping along her back to left shoulder and shoe. She stares tenderly at her beautiful beast.

Medusa seems to work out a tad bit as she has one killer body. She has a very tiny gray crop top showing off her red and tight shapely belly and under boobs. Which is also a staple in Asian culture as you can find galleries and galleries of models and idols shot in that fashion.

She has a pair of baggy gray crop or sweat pants and some wicked kick ass kicks. I notice that Mr. Scarecrow always has attention to detail when it comes to sneakers. One example was his Muraida Magma figure which I reviewed. In this figure her black, gray and red sneakers seem to resemble a snake head in the center. Where the right shoe actually has the snake head’s mouth open, bearing his killer fangs.

All and all it is quite a breathtaking and kick ass figure, you can not expect anything less from Mr. Scarecrow though. He is truly a master of his art.

Let me know what you think of the pictures I took of Medusa in different environments. I even tried some artistic shots by my money tree. I think they came out quite nice. To check out this and Erick Scarecrow’s other items please visit

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