Erick Scarecrow’s Muraida Magma Review Is Too Hot To Handle!

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I write to you all very honored and excited to bring you this review of Erick Scarecrow’s Muraida Magma figure. I was delighted to receive this  amazingly awesome vinyl figure from Esctoy.com for review this past Saturday! Not only is Old School Kaiju Muraida Magma limited to only 200pcs but it is 100% bad ass! When I opened the box my eyes lit up with delight because the figure was a lot bigger than expected, towering 10 inches tall  and the delicious smell of vinyl brought back memories of my youth with toys made of the same material. Muraida Magma is part of the Old School Kaiju series which is a mixture of  old school hip hop and kaiju, which in itself meaning monster in Japanese.

Yes this ferocious little guy sure isn’t a superhero , he is clearly a super villain you can tell even on the box itself as it seems as if he is trying to be destroyed by rockets and/or bombs shooting towards him. He is covered in what appears to be lava hence the magma colorway name! I may be wrong but it also appears he has  a mallet coming out of this head pouring the magma all over his person, if that were you don’t you think you would be a little upset and not in the best of moods? I think you would seek vengeance from the world too no? Perhaps he was an experiment gone wrong, or perhaps teased for his appearance , or just could not get a date because he is too hot to touch and not in  a good way!

This toy is made for 14 year olds and up and for good reason because his claws and self can pierce you if you are not careful enough, you know he has to combat his enemies in other ways other than just hot molten rock. His claws also remind me a little bit of Wolverine of X-Men and claws always equal awesomeness. His arms are movable and it also seems that in his efforts on getting away from mankind, he lost one of his sneakers along the way ! If anyone finds his missing shoe please return it back who knows he may be your Cinderella!

Another cool feature is his other red foot when held in the sunlight creates a very cool see through illuminating effect. What can I say this figure is  incredibly, amazingly awesome and if you are a vinyl or figure collector this one is just too “hot” to miss! If you would like to purchase the little ferocious guy, he is waiting to be loved from you on Ebay and is up on auction for only $50 so get him while you can before they all run out! This is my personal favorite in comparison to the other Muraida colorways and I give it 10 thumbs up!


pixel Erick Scarecrows Muraida Magma Review Is Too Hot To Handle!

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