‘Gang Garrison 2’, Team Fortress 2D, Atari Graphics Galore

This video below was submitted to us, and we absolutley love it.  Team Fortress 2 is a great game, and with 2-Fort being carried over from the original there’s nothing like seeing it upgraded to the most well known graphics.  2D Atari-esque graphics win me over any day of the week.  The game is called Gang Garrison 2 and you can actually play this gem here.

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  1. I was checking out your Trailer Trash: Team Fortress 2 post. Doesn’t Kotaku use the term “Trailer Trash” for a segment? …..

  2. Actually Kotaku “coined” the term Trailer Trash for a segment of theirs about 5 months after we started using it. I’m sure they copied us by accident though…

  3. @ Ben, nothing but Love for Kotaku. My buddy Owen is my “weekend friend” and I’m sure Kotaku isn’t aware.

  4. I hear the term “Trailer Trash” all over the place… I don’t think it is unique, and it definitely isn’t that new either.

    Half-Life Library Article on Gang Garrison 2:

  5. @ TuRkEy, really? I’d like a link. And make sure it’s before we posted it referring to a “Video Game Trailer”

  6. I did a quick google search. I found some using the term, but no game sites. We weren’t the originator of calling videos trailer trash, but were probably the first to start using them on a gaming blog… that I know of. Who knows.

    Not really worried about it either. lol

  7. I guess you’re right… I’ve heard it on movie/entertainment blogs before… I don’t really think on gaming ones though (besides Kotaku/here).

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