Get a Lesson in Anatomy With Dr. Romanelli x Hello Kitty “Anatomy”


Remember back in grammar school and highschool , when we had Biology or Anatomy and  had to study the human body with a boring skeleton or a dummy with the organs inside of it? Quite boring if you ask me!  High school would have been quite more interesting if we had Hello Kitty’s dummys with heart and intestines popping out showing what our insides truly look out. What!! Are you saying our organs do not have smiley faces and bows! You lie my good sir, you lie.

This actually reminds me of the dolls from the Anime “Kampfer” about a boy that turns into a girl in order to fight other Kampfer clans. Ok it is a little odd but a good watch if you are into Yuri, kinda of sort of. Anyway, these cutie come in two colorways and are a Medicom Toy. Does not seem like a bad addition to my figure collection at all. I know all you Hello Kitty freaks will not wait to get your hands on these either.

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