Google’s New Phone ‘G1’ $179, Oct. 22nd

Apple’s iPhone and RIM’s Blackberry better watch their backs, Google’s ‘G1’ is now on their turf!

The ‘3G’ is soo 2008, Google’s latest technology the ‘G1’ is tomorrow’s phone! Very harsh words, I know, but when the world largest search engine makes a move, many tech geeks follow. The new ‘G1’ resembles the iPhone touch screen with the Blackberry Curves trackball and T-mobile’s Sidekick slide-out keyboard. Currently set for sale at $179 on October 22nd through T-mobile’s network with a two-year contract. Britain in November and other European countries early next year.

The ‘G1’ is optimized for wi-fi hotspots, but will also run on T-mobile’s slower network. T-mobile’s data plan, which is needed to receive email or surf the web, will run you an extra 25 bucks.

Google is giving away Android, the software that underlies the G1, for free, and opening the operating system to third-party developers who can create their own programs. Google hopes that in turn, mobile phones will provide even more ways for people to interact with the company’s advertising network.

Via Breitbart


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