Happy 25th Anniversary, ‘Dragon’s Lair’

To think I first played you when I too, was a wee young strapping lad. I remember the time when I first approached your arcade cabinet. First of all, getting to you was a difficult task. Going to ‘Big Mouth’ in North

Bergen, NJ was not the nicest crowd of kids. Your cabinet had a smell of freshly glued artwork on the side and your screen was nothing I’ve seen before. I looked on as others played before me, trying to find a spot where my quarter can sit (letting everyone else know, I had next).

Finally, it was my turn. I was a bit intimidated by the colorful screen and superb graphics. One thing you forgot to mention, a joystick and ONE button? How the hell was I supposed to throw a haduken. Action Button? Oh well, I managed to play but could never get out of the way of those bats!

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