Hold Your Breath For Some Wicked BioShock Cosplay


You would think that nothing much really goes on at an aquarium but the occasional fish or shark if you are lucky. That is where you are wrong my friend, at the Georgia Aquarium it gets a little more interesting, thanks to cosplay genius of Harrison Krix. Harrison is the one in the BioShock Big Daddy Suit and his lovely fiance is cosplaying as the Little Sister. If that is not love, I do not know what is. I am trying to convince my boyfriend to dress up as L and I as Misa from Death Note. I am already one step ahead of him as I already have the costume courtesy of Knight28, a frequent commenter on the site. I mean seriously all my boyfriend has to do is grow his hair out, and wear a baggy shirt and jeans.

Anywhoo enough about me see some more smashing BioShock cosplay below the jump, that is what you came for anyway, sigh.


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4 responses to “Hold Your Breath For Some Wicked BioShock Cosplay”

  1. knight28 says:

    I almost fainted. that is some badass cosplay. wow!

  2. babylinda says:

    Oh noes I do not want to cause any fatalities due to my articles!

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  4. Old games says:

    the graphics look very realistic dont they

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