Homebrew Projects: FireNes on Firefox 3

For all you new Firefox 3 user’s out there, there a neat plug-in that brings most of your favorite NES roms to your browser. Now, I have to admit I like FCE Ultra emulator a bit better because it supports a joystick and ALL roms ( RiverCity Ransom is missing???). For the rest of you cheapo’s that can’t cough up $5 bucks for a Virtual Console release, FireNES has got you covered.


1) Get Firefox 3 (if you haven’t already you should be smacked)

2) Download the FireNES plugin.

3) Install FireNES and restart Firefox 3.

3b) You may get a pop up asking you if you want to disable or uninstall FireNES when Firefox 3 restarts. Do not do any of those things, simply close that pop up.

4) Click on Tools and scroll all the way down to “FireNES”. Select FireNES and a sidebar should pop up on the left side of your browser. This bar will feature a shit ton of classic Nintendo games.

5) To play the game of your choice, simply double click on it in the list.

5b) If the game does not load, you may need to install the latest version of Java which only takes a few seconds to install.

6) For instructions on which keys to press, right click on the title and select “options” from the pop up menu, then tab over to the “controls” tab.

7) Prepare to use the key combination of “Alt + Tab” to prevent getting caught playing videogames in your browser at work. Be smart, and there is no reason that this can’t remain our little secret.

Of course, all Homebrew Projects follow our Disclosure Policy… eww scaryyy.

Via Ripten


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