IGN’s 13 Scariest Video Games

Post 8: 13 Posts on Friday The 13th


I’m just about getting fed up with this Friday the 13th {Theme Day}, but as I write these lists I’m reminded just how superstitious people can get.  The games mentioned are:

7th Guest
Alone In the Dark
Resident Evil
Silent Hill
System Shock 2
Fatal Frame
Clive Barker’s Undying
Silent Hill 2
Eternal Darkness
Fatal Frame 2:
Doom 3

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Readers Comments (7)

  1. Where is E.T. & Arachnophobia? Do not forget Pit Fall , mad scary if the alligator gets ya!

  2. You thought E.T. was scary? And Pitfall was not scary as long as the gators mouths were closed 😉

  3. E.T. was scary because I was scared of E.T. and Aliens.

  4. I still jump and shriek Play Condemned 2! I think it is even scarier than the 1st!

  5. If you’ve played 7th Guest, you’ll know what silent fear is…

  6. I was just mentioning that last night to her because she was talking about games that were scary, and she was mentioning games within the past 5 years. I came out with The 7th Guest, Maniac Mansion, the ORIGINAL Alone in the Dark (where you could play either a dude with a mustache or a woman), and the original Resident Evil. RE2 was also very scary, but that’s because I was playing it at 2 in the morning while suffering mono. Scary games get a lot scarier when you have a 103 fever going.

  7. Hello I mentioned Pitfall!

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