5 responses to “Image of the Day: Consoles Do Expire!?”

  1. Reygar

    i think my PS3 just expired……it keeps shutting down….i wanna die…..

  2. Ariel Otero

    “i thought the n64 was starting to smell a little ….vomit y”

  3. Will Snizek

    this reminds me of the creative things you can do with expired consoles. I had just gotten back from a long deployment in Kuwait and decided I wanted to play a little Final Fantasy 7. My ex-wife (wife at the time lol) comes barging in the room and starts this crazy argument with me. I got pissed off and threw the PS1 controller.. the throw had enough velocity for the controller to swing past the entertainment center and pull the system off the top causing it to fall to the floor and never work again.

    I ended up taking this little dremmel tool i had and cutting out some of the plastic and i converted the PS1 into an ashtray with a push button lid. It was actually kind of a neat way to have an ash tray indoors without the trashy look of typical ashtrays.

  4. Juan Perez

    yeah, i was thinking of replacing my toilet with my Xbox. I did get my own red ring just sitting on the damn thing!

  5. somewhat

    At Juan: LOL !

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