Image of the Day: SMB, World 1-1

You may wonder, Why would we be showing you the most classic level for a video game you’ve ever played? Well, to the untrained youngling eye, you probably haven’t noticed what I’m about to tell you. Look above at the picture. Notice anything similar? It’s not the coin boxes… It’s not the number 1’s… Get it yet?

Well after 23 years later…The developers used the same images for their clouds as their bushes.

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Readers Comments (5)

  1. That sound? My mind was just BLOWN.

  2. mario looks crappy?

  3. Oh yeah, well try hearing that someone ACTUALLY jumped over the flagpole!

  4. Interesting find, but this is actually Super Mario Bros. Super Mario World was on the SNES.

  5. @ Josh, Ariel used to be my favorite commentor but your movin on up!!!

    You’re right, I meant Super Mario, World 1-1

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