Infomercial Gold: Appliance Direct, Miyamoto’s alter ego?

In 1985 there was a skew in Shigeru Miyamoto’s timeline. Instead of following his dream of video games, he turned to what made sense for him ‘clean clothes’. Enjoy Miyamoto’s ‘Alternate 1985’.

I first discovered this guy while I was in Orlando, FL during the World Baseball Classics. If other infomercials were as passionate as this guy they would surely see their sales increase. You gotta wait for some of his taglines; “White Porcelain”, “I Love Appliances” and of course “Wakkie Nu Nu”.

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Readers Comments (4)

  1. It might resemble him….if Miyamoto gained a few dozen pounds and lost a lot of his accent.

  2. You’re right, It was a far stretch!

  3. That article was Waki NU NU! I never realized that we used white porcelain to make our toilers because it doesn’t stain from our deposits. Useful information we all need to be equipped with. All of their appliances are IN THE BOX!!! Hysterical!

  4. lol…why is he rubbing wash products on his

    Hahahaha. Good find.

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