Kentucky Derby Results – Eight Belles Euthanized

The Results and payoffs:

Big Brown $6.80 $5.00 $4.80

Eight Belles $10.60 $6.40

Dennis Of Cork $11.60

From time to time we will branch off from the world of gaming to bring to you our viewers issues we see fit to discuss. Now, I’m a fan of the Triple Crown Running and like to see the excitement which is The Kentucky Derby, The Preakness and The Belmont. But when is winning more important that pushing an animal to the limit?

On live television the Philly Filly, Eight Belles was euthanized in front of a national audience. While the winner’s of “The Kentucky Derby” were celebrating, a compound fracture in her front two legs served to be too painful for the number 5 horse, which led to her demise. Should these “sporting” events not be televised live because of the unknown? When you deal with situations such as these where the outcome’s are not scripted maybe Horse Races should have a 15 second delay like talk radio.

What is your feeling on the race results, and how should they be handled in the future?


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Readers Comments (3)

  1. Actually, there are several errors here.
    “Filly” is the correct spelling for a young female horse.
    Eight Belles was not number 8 in the field, she had the number 5 post.

    I don’t think that a 15 second delay would be practical, though. People would eventually find out about her injury/euthanization. However, because the ‘event’ leading to her euthanization was televised, NBC should have gone into more detail on it, instead of showing a one minute recap and then heading to the winner’s circle. She placed second, after all, and since no one knows exactly where the injury occured, who’s to say she couldn’t have won?

    Still though, would you put a 15 second delay in an ordinary broadcasted sports event, for the purpose of “bleeping out” injuries?

  2. Disclaimer: I did not see how the Derby was covered on TV. Having said that, I’m not in favor of a 15 second delay, because you could conceivably apply this to EVERY sporting event. Boxing, baseball, football, soccer, hockey – all of them can kill you.

    Hopefully when such a tragic event happens, the coverage of the event and the activities of the participants will at least acknowledge the tragedy. However, yours in the second item I’ve seen that indicated that people were continuing to celebrate as Eight Belles died.

  3. Eight Belles’ fatal injury, combined with Barbaro’s and others’, requires the racing community and society at large to rethink whether 3 year olds should be raced this hard. Horses’ bones are not fully formed at this age, and it is not worth an animal’s welfare to see three-year-olds race. The news delay doesn’t change reality, and people should be aware of the full cost of sport.

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