Kezins speaks up on ‘Gaming Blog Network’

Our very own Will “Kezins” Snizek (WS) sat down for a fireside chat with our friends at Gaming Blog Networks’ owner Jason Townsend-Rogers (JTR).  Jason, a member of the ECA, jots down Will’s take on Government involvement in gaming.  Picking at the mind of the creator and owner of was a difficult task.  Nevertheless, Jason threw additional questions at Will that would have thrown me back into 1955.  (Back to the Future reference, not a good one)  But with the 1.21 jiggawatts powering that mind, Will spoke about his true passion of photography, blogging, and defending the negative critiscm games receive.

(JTR): My next question regards how games are being portrayed in mainstream media, what do you think video games, and the industry as a whole, can do to improve their societal image?

(WS): I don’t think we’ll ever get rid of the negative images entirely, because negativity is what sells news these days in the mainstream media; also, places like Fox News etc will always rather interview a wacko like Jack Thompson who is going to make off the wall and shocking statements than someone who has a more academic approach to things.

(WS): I really think the best way the industry can improve their image is to simply continue publishing game blogs and get the information out there. The smart people will do their research and discover what’s real and what’s media spin. Another thing I have noticed over the past few years is an increase in video game research from the academic community. I think as research continues, gaming will be seen in a more positive light

(WS): On another note, I do think the game companies need to make a stronger stand against minors getting their hands on “M” rated titles. That is a big issue now, and the only way to reverse the public image of this would be for game companies to start taking a stand against children playing the real violent and adult games.

Check out the rest of this great interview here.

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