Kota The Almost “Real” Triceratops

080215 ToyDinosaur vl vertical Kota The Almost Real Triceratops

This article would defintley be found on the miscelaneous category but it was too interesting to not share with you guys. I do not know if any of you are familar with the A.I. dinosaur Pleo a few years back but this bad boy 1uped him. 

So much so that it won the 2008  Toy Wishes Hot Dozen award. What or who is Kota exactly? He is an almost “real” life dinosaur.  He reacts to touch , his eyes move, he stomps, he roars, he eats and best of all you can ride the sucker.  This is such a cool toy that I wish I can own it and if not pop out a kid just so I can see he/she join in on the fun. This has to be the neatest toy up to date.

Kota is 2.5 feet tall and comes from the Historic Land of Hasbro and costs a mere $299.99. I know , I know  we are in a recession and all  but why don’t we save up and help the economy by buying tons of these little or rather big guys!

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KotaHeight Kota The Almost Real Triceratops

pixel Kota The Almost Real Triceratops

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